The Merc Series


Current Time

  • ​50,000 words or more
  • ​Ongoing Series
  • Red Diamond are the feature characters
  • ​Large cast
  • ​Multiple Point of View characters (POV)
  • ​Introduces new characters and groups/organizations
  • ​Various plots throughout
  • ​Will advance the timeline forward





When mercenary Nick Walker botches a simple recovery job, he'll have to decide just how much he's willing to risk to keep those closest to him safe.


Interwoven: Weave or become woven together. “the rugs are made by tightly interweaving the strands. Synonyms: Interlink, link, connect, merge, fuse.

     Interwoven Storytelling is how all the novels, novellas, novelettes, and short stories are linked together or build up the universe of The Merc Series. The novels will advance the timeline and move the series forward while the novellas, novelettes, and short stories will fill in the blanks on past jobs/missions, character’s backgrounds, and other such events touched upon in the different stories.
     One of the important aspects of this approach is to make sure all the formats can stand alone and be read in any order and still make sense. A short story can be enjoyed without having to read a novel. Or you can read the novels and nothing else.
     That being said, Interwoven Storytelling really takes shape when a person reads many or all of the formats. Faithful readers will begin to see and connect all the various threads and clues to get a ‘big picture’ view of The Merc Series Universe.



  • ​8,000 to 20,000 words
  • ​Mini Series (think 1-4 issues in comic book terms)
  • Features various characters from Red Diamond and/or other groups
  • Cast size usually 1-7
  • ​Usually 1 POV characters
  • ​Character development piece, get to know them.
  • ​Plot focus is usually a  job/mission and/or downtime

The Favor

​(Book 2)


Red Diamond

​(Book 1)

Main Timeline Starting point



  • ​1,000 to 7,000 words
  • ​Single/One Shots (type of issue)
  • Usually features members of Red Diamond
  • ​Small cast, 2-5 characters  
  • 1 POV character
  • ​Character insight piece, learn a specific thing about them.
  • ​Fun stories with characters enjoying downtime or doing a quick job

​The following is a description and breakdown on the how The Merc Series is organized when it comes to stories. This isn't  meant to be a definitive list but rather a starting point on how The Merc Series differentiates each type of writing and what readers can 'usually' expect out of a certain kind of story. 

     The following is an example of how I might use  Interwoven storytelling in action.    

     A Merc Series novel could feature Red Diamond being hired by a large tech firm for a job. This job promises a big payday and future jobs with the tech firm. Red Diamond accepts the job and the novel tells the story about it. At the end when Red Diamond gets paid, they find out that the CEO of the tech firm has been assassinated while they were away. Because of this, the tech firm cancels their deal about future work and Red Diamond has to find a new client.
     A Merc Series novella could then feature the assassin who killed the tech firm’s CEO. Who is she? Why was she hired? Who hired her? And show the job being done.

     A Merc Series short story could then feature the former head of security of the tech firm trying to find a new job. He was fired in the fallout of the CEO’s death.
     Then a future Merc Series novel could have Red Diamond on a job where they could come across or fight the assassin or head of security. The novel would clue readers in on who they are but readers who read everything would have a more in depth view of the characters and their backstory as an added bonus.



The Future

The Past

now available in print

short story


These stories happen during the novels time period but can't happen in the future. Only the novels advance the timeline.



  • ​20,000 to 50,000 words
  • ​Limited Series (think 1-6 issues in comic book terms)
  • Features characters and groups other than Red Diamond 
  • Cast varies in size
  • ​At least 2 POV characters
  • ​Character spotlight piece, learn a lot about them.
  • ​Plot focus is usually a  job or mission

     The Merc Series is an action/adventure book series. Set in a world similar to ours, it is a world facing a global collapse. Whether this will be for the better or worse is unknown. What is known is that it can’t be stopped. Only survived.
     The Merc Series follows the professional and personal life of Nick Walker and his mercenary team Red Diamond. Nick is one of the few who understands what’s coming and he will do everything he can to ensure the safety of his family and friends.
     Nick’s actions and decisions aren’t without consequences. Not only for the people closest to him but also for those he may not even know.

Continuity plays a big part in The Merc Series Universe and helps to make sure everyone is where they are supposed to be during a certain period. The novel Red Diamond is considered the starting point for the timeline. Events either happened before or after Red Diamond took place. Future novels then advance the timeline from the point of Red Diamond.