The Merc Series


A Merc Series Short Story 

(Mature Content)


     “Why exactly do you live on the fifth floor?” Twenty-nine-year-old Michelle Trilling asked as she stopped at the door to the fourth floor.

     It was the first floor she had seen with any lights on. She heard a TV blaring and guys bellow ‘touchdown’ even though the hall door was closed and none of the apartment doors were open.

     “It’s good exercise,” her date replied.

     Michelle knew him as Nick Summers, a laid-back martial arts instructor who failed to become a US Army Ranger. His real name was in fact Nick Walker, and his real occupation was mercenary. Considered a prodigy when it came to killing, Nick was thought to have been killed years ago by the same assassins that killed his mercenary parents.

     Michelle knew none of this, but was smart enough to know he had secrets and was most likely using an alias. Especially after seeing him fight on several occasions.

     The only daughter of a former US Navy Admiral, Michelle was trained by former Navy SEALs and knew good fighting skills when she saw them and Nick’s weren’t good, they were great.

     Despite the secrets, Michelle couldn’t deny one simple fact. She was falling for him. They had met this past summer and became friends. Only in the last couple months though did they start seeing each other. And then only in a causal sense. Neither was exclusive to the other. She was due to fly out for Hawaii in two days to spend Thanksgiving at home and Nick had offered to take her out one more time before she had to leave.

     “All that dancing and bull riding wasn’t enough for you?” Michelle asked as she walked past Nick, who held the door to the fifth floor open for her.

     Michelle stepped into the hallway, the wooden floor creaking even under her petite frame. Had she been paying attention she would have notice that Nick made no noise behind her as he walked.

     “The dancing was fantastic. Especially when you’re wearing these,” Nick whispered into her ear from behind while his hand ran across her butt and the black leather pants she wore.

     “Oh, you like that do you?” Michelle said over her shoulder.

     “I do. You know what I would like to know though?”

     “What?” Michelle asked and backed up against the wall right next to the door to Nick’s apartment.

     Nick stood in front of her, his hand on the wall by her left ear. Even with the 3inch heels on her black leather ankle boots to boost her 5’4 frame, Nick still stood a good six inches over.

     “How’d you stay on the bull so long?”

     “I’m a half-Hawaiian surfer girl remember? It’s all about balance.”

     “So want you’re saying is, you’re a hard girl to buck off.”

     “Maybe. You think you can buck me off?”

     “I don’t know. I could try,” he said and ran his hand through her long dark hair. It was still damp from sweat. It was fairly warm for November and the place had their heat on high.

     “You could, could you?”

     “Let’s say I did. Would you tell me where you learned to sing like that?” Nick asked referring to the karaoke clinic Michelle had put on. She had brought the place to a standing ovation after her performance of ‘I Hope It Rains’

     “Why do you want to know that?” Michelle asked curiously.

     “I didn’t know you could sing. And sing amazingly at that.”

     Michelle blushed. “There’s a lot of things you don’t know about me,” she said slyly.

     “Oh? The Admiral’s little girl has secrets does she?” Nick joked and went in for a kiss. Michelle moved and Nick got her neck instead.

     “Oh yeah. Lots of secrets, but you’ll never get them out of me.”

     Nick kissed on her neck and said, “Is that a fact?”

     “You’re welcome to try,” Michelle teased.

     “I just may,” he replied and worked his way around her neck. Michelle’s body all a tingle as he did.

     It was then that his phone buzzed.

     “That’s like the sixth time since we left The Roadhouse,” Michelle said with a pout.

     “I know. I’m sorry. I thought I could ignore it. Let me take care of this real quick.”

     Nick pulled his cell out of his jeans. The red button shirt he wore, coming untucked when he did.

     He took a few steps away from her and turned his back to look at the phone. Michelle watched as he replied to a text. A smile slowly spreading across her face as she slipped off her leather jacket. She stood there, up against the wall, in her black leather pants and a small royal blue T-shirt that left her midriff exposed.

     Nick turned back around, his phone held up for her to see he had shut it off.

     “No more interruptions, I promise.”

     Michelle smiled coyly at him. Nick walked back over to her. He was about to speak when she held up two fingers to his lips. She pressed gently against them and he opened his mouth for her to slide them in.

     He could taste her on them.  

     She looked up at him, into his big blue eyes. Her brown eyes wide, her face unable to hide the vulnerability she had just put herself in, as she waited nervously for his reaction.

     Fortunately, he didn’t disappoint as he cleaned them off.

     Michelle pulled them out and slid them back down inside the black leather pants, down the small black thong she wore. She continued on until they were back inside her. Nick watched as her hand went to work.     

     She smiled at him, her free hand touching the side of his smooth face before clawing at his button shirt. Seconds later it was on the floor, on top of her discarded jacket.

     He watched her lick her lips reflectively as she touched his muscular chest. Her hand stroked his six-pack before he moved in closer to her and kissed her on the cheek. His strong hands slid under her T-shirt and took control of her tiny waist, his thumbs stroking her midriff. 

     Michelle pulled her fingers back out and this time his mouth was open and ready for them. Her eyes flickered in enjoyment as he sucked them clean and gave her a smile as he did. The whole time his hands still moving around her waist and lower back area.

     She smiled and back down her pants went her hand. Nick began kissing on her neck again. Rotating between both sides, his left hand finally coming off her back and getting to her right breast.

     Her nipples harden in anticipation. She let out a moan as his fingers stroked her nipple through the lacy material that made up her bra. He repeated the technique to her left breast, getting another moan from her. He removed her breast from the cup of her lacy black bra and gave it a squeeze.

     She closed her eyes, savoring the feel of his hand on her. She started to remove her fingers again but found them trapped inside her. She opened her eyes and found Nick even closer, his hand no longer on her breast but now inside her pants, inside her thong, and on her pussy.

     He kept his hand on top of hers. She stared at him and he nodded. She fingered herself with faster strokes, Nick’s hand serving to only guide her as she pleasured herself.

     He raised her shirt with his free hand and Michelle tucked it under her chin to keep if from falling down. His mouth found her exposed breast and kissed it slowly, his tongue flicking across her hard nipple on each pass.

     He had just affixed his mouth to it when he could hear and feel her breathing pick up and the moans escaping her lips. Her hand worked faster under his until she stopped suddenly. He held her in place with his as she climaxed, feeling her body pulse in ecstasy.

     Nick pulled back his mouth as Michelle gasped for breath. She looked up at him, her brown eyes filled with a sudden glazed look to them.

     He pulled out his hand then kneeled down in front of her. He unzipped her boots first, pulling them off slowly as she tried to catch her breath. Her pants were next, sliding them slowly down her well-developed legs, honed by years of swimming and surfing. The black thong was next to go.

     Her hand was the only thing that remained.

     Michelle spread her legs apart more before taking her hand off her pussy and giving him a good look at the results of last week’s bikini shave.

     “You like that,” she breathed and trailed a finger down her pussy then touched herself again, letting each finger get wet before holding her whole hand out for him.

     He slowly cleaned off each finger, savoring the taste of her in his mouth.

     “It’s very nice. You up for more?”

     “It’ll take more than that for me to talk,” she said even as he could see her quiver in anticipation for what would come next.

     “Okay then.”

     Nick stood up and spun her around, pressing her up against the wall. He reached up and unhooked her bra on the first try and tossed it onto the hallway floor.

     “Forgetting something?” Michelle teased as his right hand went under her T-shirt and groped her breasts from behind.

     “You can keep that for a little longer,” he whispered into her ear as his hand worked across both her breasts, his fingertips brushing across her still hard but sensitive nipples, before giving them each a pull at the same time.

     Michelle moaned in enjoyment as he played with her breasts. The strong hands that held her not minutes ago now as soft as can be.

     Michelle was so caught up in his caressing she hadn’t noticed Nick’s left hand had been working down her back, down her waist, down her crack, where he slipped two fingers into her pussy from behind. She let out a loud moan as they found her clit instantly and went to work.

     Nick removed his hand from Michelle’s breasts and she flatted out against the wall, her ass sticking out as Nick continued to stroke her from behind with one hand while the other stayed on her waist.

     Michelle didn’t stay that way for long.

     “Ahhh!” She moaned as she came again, this time in Nick’s hand.

     “Stop,” she gasped.

     Nick did and wiped his soaked hand on the side of his jeans before opening the door to his place. Michelle eyed him helplessly as he undid his jeans and kicked them off into the hallway before scooping her up into his arms like she was nothing and carried her to his bedroom.

     He laid her on the end of his bed and finally removed her shirt. Even this time of year her body had a nice natural tan to it. He backed up to remove his black boxer briefs and pointed at the nightstand. Michelle smiled and shook her head before rolling and crawled on all fours toward a pillow.

     She didn’t get far as Nick was quickly on the bed. She gasped as she felt him penetrate her from behind, her pussy too wet to offer any real resistance to him and he started thrusting.

     “Ahhh,” she moaned.

     Michelle didn’t stop moaning. She got louder with each thrust. When she slumped forward, Nick slid out of her. He took hold of her hair and gently pulled her toward his face.

     “Ready to talk now?” he teased.

     “That the best you got,” she somehow managed to gasp.

     Nick let go of her hair and Michelle collapsed face down into a pillow. He moved back behind her and lifted her ass up back up with no trouble. Her body was his to do with as he pleased now. He slid back into her pussy easily. And went to work on her. Pushing deeper into her with each thrust.

     Michelle grabbed the sheets with each hand, her moans muffled by the pillow. Nick gave her several more, deep penetrating thrusts, holding the last one in as he squeezed her firm petite ass with both hands.

     He pulled out, soaked in her juices, his load unspent. His erection was still holding but it didn’t matter at this point as Michelle was too wet and too exhausted to try any other position. 

     He moved back up toward her. Michelle let out several deep breaths and turned her head to look at him.

     “So, what was it you wanted to know…” she said and closed her eyes.

     Nick smiled and pulled the sheet up to cover her.

     He walked naked to the hallway to gather their clothes. One of the benefits of secretly owning the whole building was he didn’t have to worry about random people being about.

     He powered on his phone. He had gotten another four texts since shutting it off. Only one needed an immediate response.

     He looked back into his bedroom. Michelle remained in the same spot. He wanted to crawl in bed next to her and listen to her breathe. To trail his finger across her gorgeous naked body.

     But he couldn’t.

     He replied to the text.

     Nick wrote a note for Michelle to find in the morning, wishing her a safe trip and a Happy Thanksgiving.

     He went to the bathroom to grab a quick shower before he had to head out for a job. A man needed killing and he was being sent as the executioner.

     No rest for the wicked he thought just as the hot water came down onto his scarred muscular naked body.