Twenty-six-year-old US Deputy Marshal, Alexandra ‘Alex’ Ortiz was terrible at poker. In fact, her poker face was non-existent. It started at a young age when she was consistently being let down by her parents. A promised vacation canceled the night before because her dad lost the money at cards or drank it away with work buddies. The promise of a home cooked meal with family when she got home from school, only to find a can of SpaghettiOs and a can opener left out for her because her mom went out with friends instead.

     The final straw had been at her birthday when she’d been asking for a puppy for over a month. She’d not only done her chores, but all the chores. Every single day to show she was responsible enough. Their place never looked cleaner. After she blew out the candles on her cake, her parents handed her a box with holes all over it. Inside was a puppy all right.

     A Pound Puppy.

     Her parents laughed and laughed. Until they saw the look of complete disgust on her face. She remembered being slapped by both of them and being called stupid because she should have known their apartment complex didn’t allow pets.

     Alex remembered being upset at first when she was sent to bed without birthday cake. But she was happy to finally know what her parents really thought of her. Naïve and stupid.

     She had already guessed that her mother never wanted her, what with the way she always complained about how horrible her body looked ever since giving birth to her. And how she would drop everything for her friends the moment they called. Her father was no better. Not that she expected much from a guy who was nothing but a lackey for the Quinn Crime Family. She was given her mom’s last name at birth since her parents weren’t married. She was told she’d get his soon enough. It was another broken promise in a long line of them.

     Since that birthday, Alex had promised she would always be honest with people. No fake smiles, no fake frowns. She wouldn’t be mean for the sake of it but rather let people know exactly how she felt about something or them. That there would be no doubt in their mind. Not that she could stop her face from betraying what she was really thinking anyway.  

     That promise hadn’t always worked out in her favor though, as it got her in plenty of trouble. First in high school, then college and now at work. But she didn’t care. She was being real. If people didn’t like it, they could GTFO. 

     At the other end of that promise though was this. If Alex liked something, she had no problem saying it or showing it.

     Which was exactly what she was doing right now with her date from last night, Nick Summers. She’d been riding him for a solid ten minutes, five of which she’d been going fast and hard.

     And she was loving every minute of it.

     Her moans and screams were loud enough to prove it, and would wake the neighbors, if Nick had any that was.

     Alex leaned forward and without any prompting, Nick came closer and she buried her breasts into his face. His hands grabbed her tiny but cute butt to make sure he didn’t slip out of her. His ability to read her without words only made him that much hotter. Well that and his thrusting technique was amazing. He kept pace with her even as his mouth took turns swallowing her nipples whole.

     Normally she’d be dropping F bombs in approval but Nick didn’t like swearing. He did like her moaning and she could do a ‘Yes’ chant better than any wrestler. She stayed on him for a little while longer until she couldn’t take anymore. Last night had been incredible and she hadn’t fully recovered yet.

     “That was amazing,” she gasped as she collapsed beside him on his insanely comfortable king sized bed.

     “Yes it was,” he breathed into her ear.

     “If I had bigger boobs I could really smother you.”

     “I like your boobs just the way they are,” he said and trailed his hand across both, giving each nipple a pinch.

     “Mmmm,” she purred and touched his smooth face. His bright blue eyes were taking in her petite 5’4 naked body before him.

     Alex had a mixture of Puerto Rican, Italian, and Filipino heritage running through her. She also looked years younger than her actual age. She had yet to not be carded when trying to get into a bar or buy alcohol. It came in handy for work, as did her ability to speak fluent Spanish.

     Her brown eyes looked over his naked, almost six foot, well-conditioned and muscular physique. She focused on the condom he still wore. It was drenched with her.

     “Guess I got carried away,” she said still trying to catch her breath.


     She smiled and rested her head on his chest.

     “I’m so glad you liked my sneakers that day.”

     “Me too,” he said as he slid an arm around her. His hand ready to grab her butt in an instant.

     She laughed and moved closer to him but kept her butt out for him.

     Right before she was to start high school, Alex’s father had been killed because of his involvement with the Quinn’s. Her mother disappeared a few days later. Apparently she had been as much a criminal as her father. Alex was sent to live with her single Aunt on her dad’s side.

     One of her Aunt’s rules for being allowed to stay with her was that she had to do an after school activity. Alex was always considered to be quick and naturally athletic so she tried out for cheerleading and track. The former because she found it fun and she liked to have fun. The later because it helped her. There was something about running that helped her process whatever was going on in her life in that moment.

     While she had been a good cheerleader, she was a great runner. Great enough to get a ticket to college with it. She majored in Criminal Justice after one of her high school counselors told her it would be too challenging for someone like her. She became a Marshal in part because she liked the idea of chasing down people.

     People like her mom.

     People that thought they could escape what was coming to them. And when it came to chasing, Alex was at the top of her game.

     Alex remembered back to this past Spring. She’d just finished up a run after work and stopped at the store on the way home. It had been a Thursday. She always got food on Thursdays because the new sales had just started that day and she was able to avoid all the weekend people.

     Like usual she was in her workout gear, her long brown hair in a ponytail, hanging out of her Boston Red Sox baseball cap. She had been standing in front of the ice cream section, mostly too cool down as she was still sweaty and because Hood Ice Cream was only 2 for $4.

     It was then that this guy walked right up to her and said, “Nice sneakers.”

     “Excuse me?” She replied as she looked up at him and fell right into those big blue eyes of his.

     “Hurricanes by Saucony. Excellent choice,” he said.

     By then her terrible poker face had revealed that she was definitely feasting her eyes on the cute guy before her. He was a little shorter than the guys she usually went for. Her father had been a short man, in more ways than one, and as such Alex only had eyes for the big boys, also in more ways than one. But this guy was close enough to her type that she let it slide. Plus, he smelled amazing. She still remembered the tingle that went through her body when he got close.

     It was no use pretending that she didn’t want to talk to him, because she did, even though she realized she must have looked like crap. But Alex stood there and listened to him as he told her he was a runner too and a trainer. He gave her a business card for the dojo he worked at and told her to call for a free training session. She told him she would. He smiled and she smiled back, impressed with how pleasant and confident he was. She liked that in a guy. She didn’t have the patience for dudes scared of their own shadow.

     The next day, at work, she checked him out to make sure he wasn’t some kind of serial killer that picked up single girls in the grocery store on a Thursday night. Thankfully he wasn’t. She did however stumble upon some other rumors about him that she thought were worth investigating, so she stopped by his dojo unannounced later that evening after work.

     Nick was there talking to a moody looking blonde and some short tattooed guy. He saw her and immediately came over. An hour session turned into two hours, which turned into a weekend together, which turned into the best Sunday night sex she ever had. While everyone else at work complained about their crappy weekend off, she was at her desk with a sore vagina that Monday morning and couldn’t have been happier.

     “I have something for you,” Nick said bringing her attention back to the present.

     “I think you already gave me everything I needed,” Alex teased.

     Nick reached over for his wallet on his nightstand with his free arm and gave her a business card.

     “What’s this?”

     “That is for you to give to your Aunt. I talked to a guy and he’s got a crew ready to replace your Aunt’s roof. She just needs to set up a time.”

     Alex propped up on Nick’s chest with both elbows.

     “Are you for real right now?”

     “Have I ever lied to you?”

     “Besides not being able to make the cut to be a US Army Ranger?”

     Nick grinned.

     “No you haven’t,” she said. “I don’t even know what to say to this Nick.”

     “You don’t need to say anything.”

     “I didn’t tell you about my Aunt last time we saw each other so that you’d do this.”

     “No, you told me about your Aunt because you felt bad you couldn’t help her and because it was weighing on your mind. You care about her. And I care about you. That’s why I want to help.”

     “You care about me?” She asked not able to hide the surprise in her voice.

     “Of course. We’re friends.”

     Alex gave him her biggest, brightest, smile.

     “I like being your friend,” she said and mounted him again.

     “I thought you had enough?”

     “Just don’t go so hard.”

     “Will you have time for breakfast? I can make you a veggie omelet,” he asked as he slid back inside her, getting a moan as he did.

     Alex rocked back and forth on him. She couldn’t believe he was still so hard after everything they’d done, not that she was complaining.

     “Time? Oh shit. Sorry,” she said after seeing his clock. She rolled off him and then off the bed.

     “I have to be at the courthouse in half an hour, and my case file is still at my apartment,” she said frantically.

     Ironically as great of a runner Alex was, she could never be on time for anything. Which was why Nick always told her the wrong time to meet, giving her an extra 15 minutes to get there. It was also why he had his clocks set 15 minutes faster when she was over.

     “So no time for shower sex?” Nick asked folding his hands behind his head as he watched her move around his bedroom naked.

     Alex looked at him lying there naked, his erection still solid as can be. She couldn’t imagine what he’d do to her in the shower.

     From behind.

     The thought sent a quiver throughout her body.

     “No,” Alex said shaking her head. “I don’t even have time for a regular shower.”

     She grabbed a washed cloth out of his bathroom. Nick continued to lay there and watch her as she cleaned herself off.

     “My tongue’s been there, and there, and there. Nope not there.”

     “Nothing’s going there,” she said before tossing the washcloth on the floor.

     Nick laughed. Alex grabbed her toothbrush and quickly brushed her teeth.

     “You could help me get dressed you know,” she said and spit in the sink.

     “I’m better at taking clothes off sexy US Deputy Marshals than putting them on.”

     She shook her head and looked for her panties on the floor.

     “Next time you have to take these off if you’re going to do that thing again.”

     “You’re not going to put those on after last night are you?”

     “I don’t have a choice. I planned to be home by now but someone distracted me this morning.”

     “Are you complaining?”

     “Does my face look like I am?”


     Alex smiled until she caught a whiff of her panties.

     “This is so embarrassing,” she sighed.

     “Does it look like I’m judging you?”


     “Good. Now go over to my closet and open the right side.”

     Alex eyed him but did so. Inside was a brand new outfit for her. Maroon satin panties with a matching bra, a pair of khaki slacks, a maroon dress shirt, socks and shoes.

     “When did you buy these?” She asked holding up the shoes. When she saw them they had been three hundred dollars, on sale.

     “Those are the right ones, correct?”

     “Yes they are,” she said staring at him in disbelief.

     “What’s the matter?” He asked enjoying the view of her naked body before him.

     “I’m not supposed to read into any of this, right Nick?”

     “No. Why?”

     “I don’t want you to have expectations that I won’t be able to live up to.”

     “It’s fine. I heard you, nothing’s going there.”

     “You know what I mean mister.”

     Nick laughed.

     “Are you happy with our arrangement?” He asked.

     “I’m very happy with our arrangement.”

     “Then that’s all that matters. Everything else is nothing more than a friend being a friend.”

     Alex stared at him. One day she hoped to have her own house with at least four dogs. She already had the shelter she wanted to adopt from, the kinds of dogs she wanted, and their names picked out. She also hoped to have a husband. Someone at least a foot taller than her and who played basketball or football.

     Nick was none of those things.

     And he never would be.  

     But she wasn’t looking for any of those things until she was at least in her thirties. Until then she still had needs and so far, Nick had been the best at meeting those needs.

     Alex was smart enough to know he was meeting other girls needs too but that’s what condoms and birth control were for. And she was big girl, she could walk away whenever she wanted to. But she didn’t want to. Not right now anyway.   Despite what a few Judges might say, she was good at her job and worked hard. She deserved a sore vagina on a Monday morning every once in a while.

     “You’re going to be late,” Nick whispered breaking her trance.

     Once again Alex moved frantically to get dressed. She walked over to kiss him goodbye.

     “See you soon?”

     “I hope so. There’s a cowgirl hat in the closet for you for next time. Maybe change the view,” he said while looking at her butt.

     “Yeehaw cowboy,” she said before giving him another kiss.



     Alex had just walked into the living room looking for her car keys when the door to Nick’s apartment opened. Nick’s best friend Megan walked in carrying a coffee and folders.

     “Morning,” Alex said.

     Megan was a hacker of exceptional skill and Alex hoped to never get on her bad side.

     “You appear to be in a rush,” Megan replied staring at her chest.

     Alex looked down to see three buttons still open, her new bra exposed.

     “Sorry,” she mumbled and fixed it.

     “Here,” Megan said and held out the coffee.

     “You’re the best.”

     “I also updated your file. You have a much better case to bring before the Judge now,” she said and gave her a folder.

     Alex quickly scanned it.

     “You are a lifesaver Megan. This will really help me. Thank you so much.” 

     “I trust your night was agreeable?”

     “Oh, more than you know,” Alex replied and dug into her purse.

     She gave Megan a memory stick.

     “Do you think we could arrange something for next week?”

     “I’ll have to see what his schedule looks like but I think I could accommodate you.”

     Alex smiled. “Thank you.”

     “What’s that?” Megan asked looking at the business card Nick had given her.

     “Oh. Nick has some guys ready to fix my Aunt’s roof,” she said with joy.

     Megan’s face was the exact opposite. She held out her hand. Alex frowned and gave her the card.

     “I should have known it was too good to be true.”

     Megan stared at her over her glasses for a moment.

     “I’ll see what I can do for your Aunt.”



     “Thank you Megan. You rock,” she said and hugged her.

     “You’re going to be late,” Megan said trying not to touch or smell her.

     “Crap. Bye.”

     Alex took her folder, coffee, purse, and keys and left.

     Megan looked at the memory stick and smiled. This was going to be very useful. She walked to Nick’s bedroom.

     “Change your mind about that shower?”

     “No, I showered over two hours ago.”

     Nick looked over to see Megan standing there and quickly grabbed the sheet to cover himself with.

     “Hey. How about a warning next time?”

     Megan ignored him and flicked the business card at him.

     “Do I really need to explain this again to you?”

     “No,” he mumbled.

     “Because it looks like you told a GL-08 federal employee to have her Aunt go through with a thirty-thousand-dollar home improvement project. Neither of whom could afford such a thing.”

     “I was just trying to help.”

     “So when Alex gets found guilty of taking bribes and sent to prison to be someone’s bitch or killed because she’s a Marshal, will that help or hurt her, Nick?”

     “I’m sorry.”

     “There’s a reason for everything I do,” she said sternly.

     Nick remained silent for a while before asking, “You’ll help them though, right?”

     Megan rolled her eyes.

     “Yep. I want these three folders completed by the end of the day,” she replied and slapped three folders down on his nightstand.

     “End of today?”

     “It’s 7:50 am,” she said looking at her watch. “You have plenty of time. Are you cleaning this place or should I have Brenda come over?”

     “Can Brenda get rid of the up sexy smell?”

     “What’s up sexy?”

     “Nothing, what’s up with you?” Nick asked and grinned.

     Megan glared at him and added another folder.

     “Make that four folders.”

     “Can I ask Mark or Wade to help me at least?”


     “Oh come on. It’s Monday. And I’m supposed to hang out with Clarissa and Haley tonight.”

     “Keep talking. I dare you.”

     “I’ll clean up the room,” he sighed.


     “And take care of the four folders.”

     “Excellent. See you tonight at 8.”


     “I’ve just decided that you’re going to make dinner for Clarissa, Haley, and I, tonight.”

     “I am?”

     Megan looked over at him.

     “I could send you a couple of e-mail attachments to go with your folders if you prefer?”

     “Dinner sounds great. You know how I love to cook.”

     “Have a nice Monday Nicolas.”

     “You too Megan.”

     She said nothing else and Nick waited until he heard her leave the apartment before he got out of bed, without the sheet.

     Nick picked up Alex’s clothes from last night and put them in his hamper before stripping the bed and remaking it with fresh sheets and blankets. He packed up her overnight kit and made a mental note to get her a new toothbrush, her brand of deodorant, and an extra set of clothes to change into here.

     He opened the bathroom mirror and hit a hidden button under the sink. The medicine cabinet slid apart and a hidden shelf appeared revealing more overnight bags, all with different names. He placed Alex’s bag back in its spot then sealed it up.

     Nick took another look around his bedroom. The clock turning to 8:15 while he did. He hoped Alex made it to court okay. She was young but he saw her becoming an excellent Marshal if she stuck with it.

     He let out a sigh and went to take his shower. What was he going to make for dinner? And did he have to have dinner ready by 8 or start cooking it at 8? And why was Megan joining the other two now? He didn’t mind spending time with Megan but it seemed random.

     “There’s a reason for everything I do,” he heard her say again.

     Oh crap.

     Did she find out about what he did with Haley and Jamie?

     He shook his head and started the hot water. He looked back at the four folders on his nightstand.

     What a way to start a Monday.



A Merc Series Short Story 

(Mature Content)

The Merc Series