The Merc Series

Thirty seconds.

That’s how long it took to ruin twenty-five-year-old US Deputy Marshal Alexandra ‘Alex’ Ortiz’s day.

Thirty seconds to ruin her day.

Her weekend.

Her week.

Her vacation.

Her birthday.

Thirty fucking seconds!

Alex had been laying poolside in an off white embroidery style bikini with black straps, the sun beating down on her, and halfway through her second Long Island Iced Tea of the afternoon when she had noticed the voicemail alert on her phone.

She was on day 2 of her summer vacation, well technically, since it was the weekend still, her vacation from work didn’t actually start until tomorrow.

After being denied the opportunity to work on a big-time case that could have furthered her career, Alex had spent the last several weeks handling and closing tons of smalltime cases, which resulted in her Boston Field Office having its smallest backlog in years.

All because of her work.

Not that that seemed to matter either.

Alex had admittedly been pissed when she lost out on the big-case, but realized afterwards that it had actually been a blessing in disguise because she would have missed out on her vacation.

With her 26th birthday coming this Wednesday, Alex had treated herself to several things, among them a week's stay at Long Sands Beach in York, Maine. Should she tire of the gorgeous pool beside her, the beach was less than 400 feet away from her. And even with the cool breeze off the ocean, it was hot.

Sweat trickled down her neck and Alex was glad she opted for sunscreen today. With a mix of Puerto Rican, Italian, and Filipino running through her blood, Alex always had a nice tan to her skin but she didn’t want to push her luck on getting a sunburn today, especially since it was a beautiful cloudless day out.

Moments before Alex looked at her phone, the ocean breeze had kicked up, making her smile. She was really glad to be out of Boston for a while. Between the heatwave and all the crap on the news, about arsons, weird graffiti symbols popping up, escaped mental patients, and nonstop primary election coverage, it was just too much. Alex needed this time away.

Her smiled faded after that thirty-second voicemail.

The smile she had had on her face all morning.

She never should have played that damn voicemail.

They had canceled leave for everyone. All Marshals were to report to the office on Monday morning to deal with the escapees.

No excuses, no exceptions.

And orders not to say a word to anyone about it.

Never mind that Alex had put in her request for time off way back in January. Never mind that it was her birthday this week, or that her aunt was flying out to spend her birthday with her. Her aunt that had looked out for her since high school. Who had raised her like she was her own kid.


Why were a bunch of missing mental patients her problem, anyway? Local Leo’s should be able to handle them easy enough.

At least, that was Alex’s first thought.

It wasn’t until she saw the secure e-mail pop up on her phone and she looked through it did she understand why she was getting pulled back to work.

It didn’t help with how pissed off she was, but at least things were making sense.

Two of the escaped mental patients from the van transport were the Desmond Cousins.

Holy shit!

And the media didn’t know about it yet.

Holy shit!

The Marshals were trying to keep it under control so as to not cause more panic in the news.

No wonder people were freaking out.

Doug and Dan Desmond were two white, completely hairless, creepy as fuck psychopaths who had gone on a killing spree out in the Midwest. Their death toll was in the double digits, and it included several cops among them.

The legendary bounty hunter Walsh was the one who finally captured them and brought them in. Unfortunately, they would be the last pair of fugitives he’d be bringing in. Walsh suffered a heart attack after his fight with the Desmond Cousins and decided to retire down in Texas.

Alex had worked with Walsh on a few cases when she was a rookie, and it was because of those cases she learned to work with bounty hunters. Bounty hunters like the Duncan Brothers and their sister Tara Duncan. Tara was also friends with the girls who worked at the dojo Alex trained out of.

And those girls worked for the guy Alex texted after listening to that stupid voicemail.

Orders be damned.

If this was going to be the last night of her vacation, she was damn sure to make it memorable. And if her last few encounters were any indication, then this guy really knew how to make things memorable.

Alex took another drink of her Long Island Iced Tea. This batch was way better than yesterday’s. She let out a sigh and fixed her sunglasses and bikini top, brushing away a stream of sweat beads as she did.

In a way, she should be happy that they wanted her back to work on this case. Despite Alex’s ability to piss off several judges and coworkers with her brash attitude, she was a damn good at what she did for a living.

And what she did for a living was hunt down pieces of shit like the Desmond Cousins.

Plus, Alex owed it to Walsh. She couldn’t let the last capture of his legendary career be in vain.

Her phone pinged with a text, and she grinned when she saw the response.

He was coming.

Which meant she would be soon enough too.

She sent her motel address back and settled into her lawn chair for another hour of sunbathing.

Alex’s week ahead may suck, but she was going to make damn sure the rest of her day and night didn’t.

*                                    *                         *

“Is this your first time here?” Thirty-year-old Nick Walker asked as he walked beside Alex on Long Sands Beach.

The sun was lowering, but the heat and humidity remained. Alex still had her bikini top on but had put on a pair of faded, distress style blue jean shorts. Nick was wearing workout shorts and a black tank top.

It was the most causal Alex had ever seen him.

Clothed anyway.

“Yes, it is. It’s awesome.”

“Have you gotten taffy yet? Nick asked, referring to The Goldenrod, an iconic New England restaurant that also served ice cream and candy.

Open since 1896, they were just down the road at Short Sands Beach in York, ME. Their saltwater taffy being legendary, as people could watch it being made daily through the large glass windows that lined the place.

“My first day here,” Alex said with a grin. “Blueberry is the best.”

Nick laughed. “Chocolate for sure.”

Alex rolled her eyes, trying not to smile.

“So, what about you, do you get to Maine often?”

“A few times,” Nick lied.

While Alex knew there was more to Nick than the martial arts instructor he claimed to be, she didn’t know he had a secret compound in Maine that his mercenary team, Red Diamond, was based out of and that his dojo in Boston was just a front company for his team’s alias’s.

When Nick moved from Japan to Maine when he was a child, he had gone down to The Goldenrod and the York Beaches at least a couple of times every summer. He knew the area well enough.

“Thank you for driving up to see me,” Alex said, as she let the ocean water splash over her feet along their walk.

“Of course. Why wouldn’t I?”

Alex shrugged. “It would have been easy for you to blow me off and say you were busy. It’s over an hour drive in Sunday traffic.”

“I hadn’t noticed. Besides, you sounded like you could use a friend,” Nick said, referring to the text she had sent him.

“Well,” Alex said, moving into him.

Nick wasn’t as tall as she liked her men to be, but he was still taller than her. They walked into the water together, the waves splashing up to their shins now. They had left their shoes by the sidewalk along the beach where everyone parked, including Nick.

“I was hoping you’d be up for staying after dinner.”

“Oh?” He asked and raised an eyebrow.

Alex smiled. While she was glad to vent to Nick about her work, while leaving out specifics, as they enjoyed their summer evening beach walk, she was really hoping to use him for another reason.

“So, as you already mentioned about my hair,” Alex started as she tossed it and laughed.

Nick always had an eye for detail and noticed she had made her normally straight brown hair curly instead. He told her how much he liked it the second he saw her.

 It was another treat for herself since it was her birthday and her vacation.

Was her vacation.

“I had some other work done too,” Alex continued.

“Such as?”

Alex looked around. There were people around the beach, but most were leaving, the summer evening coming on strong. Kids getting packed up into mini vans, couples packing up their beach chairs and going to one of the many restaurants around town. Some surfers were out in the ocean further down, but mostly, Alex and Nick had a good portion of Long Sands all to themselves.

Fuck it, she thought.

You only live once.

Alex unbuttoned her jean shorts and zipped them just enough for her bikini bottom to show. She took Nick’s hand and moved it slowly down her tan belly, then down inside her bikini bottom and down lower still until he was between her legs.

“I take it this is your first one?” Nick asked, realizing exactly what she was ‘showing’ him.

“Yes, and that wax fucking hurt. Oh. Sorry,” Alex said, covering her mouth with her free hand.

Nick didn’t like swearing, and she had a potty mouth on a good day.

Nick laughed and was about to pull his hand out, but Alex held him in place.

“I wasn’t expecting to see you this week,” she said.

“I know.”

“So, this wasn’t for you. It was for me.”

“As things this personal always should be.”

“That being said, no harm in testing it out with you here, right?” Alex asked, trying to control her breathing.

She could feel the heat rising inside her and it wasn’t from this August weather. He hadn’t even done anything and yet she was getting moist just from his hand resting on her.

“You going to tell me what’s really bothering you?”

“I did. My vacation is ruined because of work.”

“How come though?”

“I can’t tell you,” Alex said, knowing she had already involved Nick in too much simply by texting him about her vacation being ruined.

“Can’t or won’t?” Nick asked just as he slipped one finger inside her, her lips opening up without the least bit of resistance.

Alex gasped.


He’s good.

“Why do you care?” She asked, trying not to be distracted by his finger hovering just above her clit.

“Just wondering if I could help you is all.”

“And how exactly could you help?” She asked, looking up into those big blue eyes of his.

She knew Nick, and those around him, weren’t who they pretended to be. And that they had resources they shouldn’t have, but she didn’t care. Nick had already helped her out several times in the short period they had known each other, and she didn’t want to look too deeply into whatever he was actually involved in. Because then she might have to stop him.

And she liked Nick.

She didn’t want to stop him.

In more ways than one, she thought, as the constant feel of his finger by her clit was weakening her resolve.

“I don’t know until you tell me, but I have many talents,” he grinned and touched her clit with three quick strokes of his finger.

Alex bit her lip to stifle a moan.

“Well then,” she said, changing the subject. “Let’s see if that talent includes me riding your face,” she said, reaching up for a kiss.

“What about dinner?”

“Seems like a dessert first kind of night,” she said and gave him a kiss on the lips. She took his clean hand and led him back to her hotel room without another word.

Alex found out soon enough that was indeed one of Nick’s talents as she soaked his face with her orgasm. She’d never had one that strong. He was doing something different with his tongue technique than the last time he’d gone down on her.

“Holy shit!” she gasped before falling off his face and realized a moment later why it had been so strong.

She fucking squirted!

That had never happened to her before.

And it was fucking amazing!

She didn’t even have time to be embarrassed by it or wonder what Nick must be thinking of her, which was clearly nothing bad, as he didn’t even let her finish catching her breath before he entered her while she laid sideways, one hand on her petite butt, the other one on one of her small boobs.

Alex fought to control her moans.

At some point they took a pause so he could put on a fresh condom that wasn’t drenched in her then he pulled her down on the bed, he remained standing, Alex was on her back with her butt almost hanging off the bed, her legs were held up by him and pointed up almost to the ceiling, when he slid back into her.

It wasn’t soft or sweet or anything close.

It was fast and hard.

Alex couldn’t control herself anymore. Moans, F bombs, and gasps filled her bedroom as he fucked her. That was the only way to describe it.

It was also exactly why she had chosen to text him. And it was even better than she had expected.

The only thing Alex regretted was the scream she let loose when she realized she was having a second orgasm so soon after her first one and it was from his penetrations and whatever he was doing with his thumb while also inside her. That had never happened before, either.

But that regret went as fast as she came, her eyes rolling into her head while clutching the bedsheets. The only thing they had left on the bed as it was too hot for anything else. The room currently felt like a hundred degrees.

Nick collapsed next to her, sweat on his brow, his chest wet with sweat as Alex rested her head on it. She didn’t care. His fingers trailed down her naked back, also unbothered by her sweatiness.

“That was amazing,” she breathed.

“Your neighbors will think so,” he whispered.

“I’m very vocal when I like something.”

“No complaints here.”

They laid there silently for several minutes, Nick’s breathing under control before Alex’s despite her being an accomplished runner and sprinter.

Nick’s hand continued to trail down her back to her butt, then back up and repeat.

She looked down, surprised to see how hard he still was.

“Everything okay?” Nick asked.

Alex nodded, then started telling him about the patient escapees and the Desmond Cousins and how no one knew about it, not even the media. About how her aunt was coming to visit, but now she was going to be stuck at work, but she planned to keep the room for her aunt to use.

It all just came out. Once she started, she couldn’t stop.

Nick said nothing, just let her talk, and he listened.

Afterwards, she climbed on top and mounted him. She went slowly at first, letting his hands play with her breasts, then she increased her speed until she was riding him fast for a solid minute before falling off him, finally spent.

Her vagina was going to feel this in the morning.

“Did you still want to get dinner?” Nick asked.

“No, I’m going to shower then sleep, or maybe the other way,” she breathed, as she had no strength to move.

“Okay,” Nick said, and kissed her on the cheek. She knew where his mouth had been and wasn’t into that.

He put his clothes back on.

“Thank you, Nick,” she said, looking at him from the bed, still naked and exposed. And with zero complaints or fucks to give about it.

“But of course. You’ll let me know if I can help you this week?”

Alex managed to nod.

With that, Nick saw himself out and Alex drifted off to sleep. Her Monday morning not looking so bad after all.

All things considered, it was the best interruption to her plans ever.   


​A Merc Series Short Story

(Rated M For Mature)