A Merc Series Short Story 

(Mature Content)

The Merc Series

     Michelle Trilling took a deep breath and knocked on the door. She had done some wild and crazy things before but this was at the top of the list.

     It had been over two weeks since she’d last seen Nick. She’d been home for a few days now and hadn’t told him. For some reason she was still feeling a little guilty with what she had done with Cooper while she spent Thanksgiving in Hawaii. She knew she shouldn’t since they both agreed to the ground rules. The night with Cooper hadn’t been bad, but it wasn’t the same as a night with Nick. What had started off as a friendship was feeling like something more. Or maybe she was wishing for it to be more than what they originally agreed to.

     Even now Michelle felt nervous standing in front of his door, waiting for him to answer. She checked to see if his car was here and to see if his lights were on in his Boston apartment. The answer had been yes to both, so the odds were in her favor that Nick was home. The question now was, what if he wasn’t home alone? What if some other girl answered?

     Or worse, Carol was there.

     Michelle took a deep breath and knocked again then looked around the hallway. The same hallway Nick had given her an amazing sendoff in before she flew home for Thanksgiving. Part of her was wishing she had stayed in Hawaii a little longer so she could spend more time with her best friend Melissa. They rarely got to see each other anymore because of work. And while Thanksgiving had been fun it wasn’t without drama. Melissa had to kick her boyfriend to curb after he stole her purse and maxed out her credit card from buying drinks for his buddies.

     Melissa took it pretty well all things considered. She was a tall, strong, beautiful woman who would have no trouble finding another guy if she wanted. Melissa seemed more excited about a possible job offer she’d been given a few days before Michelle arrived. She didn’t say what it was because it was all hush-hush, but she would tell her soon.

     Michelle smiled as she thought back to how happy Melissa had been. Michelle on the other hand, just suffered through a two-hour dinner party that her father, Admiral Trilling, forced her to attend tonight. The company was the usual mix of older women wondering when she would get married and have children, and younger Navy men looking to connect with her.     

     Men had been a generous term to use. She couldn’t fathom falling in love with someone who’s only sense of action came from what they did in their last gaming session of Call of Duty. Not when Michelle had done those things in real life. She had actually felt the blood cover her hands when slicing open a pirate’s throat. She knew what if felt like to get splattered by brains after hitting a headshot on a terrorist, or what it felt like to catch a bullet ricochet to the shoulder or leg.

     She knew Nick had also done things like her. He didn’t come out and say it but she knew what he really did for a living. It didn’t bother her in the slightest, quite the opposite. It intrigued her more.

     Michelle chewed on her lip. She was at the crucial moment now. Knock for a third time or cut her loses and sneak off.

     She wouldn’t get a chance to do either.

     The door opened and Nick stood before her, shirtless and in a pair of black Under Armour pants. She felt her pulse quicken as she took in his glorious physique, a light sweat glistening off him.

     Nick likewise took in the view of Michelle standing before him in a black cocktail dress, the sleeves rolled up to reveal her well-toned arms. Her long brunette hair was done up all fancy. She wore a pair of black shoes comprised of straps that left an opening for her big toe and the two beside it to be shown. She was a good three inches taller than usual.

     Michelle held up her right pointer finger.

     A black thong hung from it.

     She smiled sheepishly at him. Nick stepped aside and she walked into his apartment. She could smell several candles burning but didn’t see them. A wave of calmness washed over as she walked slowly to his bedroom, Nick following right behind her.

     Once in there, Michelle turned quickly and pushed him onto the bed. She slid off her shoes and climbed on top of him.

     “Hi,” he said.

     She smiled then sat down on him, his face disappearing under her dress.

     “You talk too much. Maybe this will quiet you down.”

     In reality it would be Michelle that needed to be quieted down as his tongue went to work, quickly licking her up and down. She was glad she had taken the extra time in the shower while getting ready for the dinner party. In her opinion, she’d gotten pretty good at trimming her bikini line herself and Nick seemed to appreciate the time she put in to it.

     Michelle squirmed as his whole tongue was licking her all the way up and down. She’d fantasized about this at the dinner party when she first thought about doing this but the reality was a lot more intense than she expected.

     Michelle didn’t need to say anything though as Nick was already changing his techniques. His hands took hold of her butt and rolled her dress up. He used the tip of his tongue to push through her lips and instantly zeroed in on her clit. She was already wet from the tongue lapping but now her juices flowed even more freely.

     She grabbed her dress and yanked it up and off her, her hair coming undone as she did but she didn’t care. She looked down to see his face buried between her tan thighs and she touched her hard nipples. She rocked back and forth, her pussy moving across his mouth. He kept pace with her the whole time, his tongue never leaving her clit. It soon became too much for her to handle.

     Michelle grabbed his short hair with both hands, her thighs tightening around him, she stopped rocking and pushed her pussy as deep as she could into his face. She wasn’t sure if he could breathe because she had stopped breathing herself for several moments as he took her to the edge then pushed her over it.

     She gasped for air as she came in his mouth, his tongue taking it all in without complaint.

     “Stop,” she moaned as he continued to eat her even after her orgasm, making sure he didn’t miss anything.

     He slid out from under her and she collapsed face first onto his bed. Nick trailed a finger along her lower back while wiping his mouth with his other hand. His finger ran down her butt, waiting for a response. Usually a lift of her butt meant she was ready for more but none came.

     Nick looked at her closer, and not for the first time was stunned by her beauty. Her eyes were closed and her breathing heavy. It wasn’t the first time he made her fall asleep. He smiled and covered her naked body up, first with a sheet, then with a blanket.

     He thought about going back to finish the Karate Kata session he had been in the middle of doing when Michelle had knocked, but decided against it. He blew out the candles and shut everything off in his apartment. He was supposed to drive back home to Maine tonight to avoid the storm but after taking another look at the beautiful woman sound asleep in his bed, it seemed like a good night for a sleepover.



     *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *


     Michelle opened her eyes. It took her a few moments to remember where she was. She looked to her left to see Nick sleeping peacefully next to her. She rubbed her eyes as it all came back to her. She’d passed out after the amazing oral sex she’d received from Nick. She looked over at the clock on his nightstand. It was 3am. She’d only been asleep for 4 hours. It felt a lot longer than that.

     She slid out of bed, being careful not to wake him. She found her dress on the floor next to her shoes. It was only then Michelle realize she was wearing one of Nick’s T-shirts and had her thong back on. She shrugged after taking a whiff of the shirt, her senses momentarily filled with Nick’s scent. There were worse things to sleep in.

     Michelle gathered up her stuff and left the bedroom, something she instantly regretted.

     The rest of Nick’s apartment was freezing. A quick look out the window revealed that it was snowing outside.

     “What the hell?” she mumbled. She hadn’t heard anything about snow. There looked to be a few inches on the ground already and it showed no sign of stopping.

     Michelle looked at her dress and shoes. She wasn’t about to go clean her car off in this. She wasn’t even supposed to be here. She’d just come by for a quickie not a sleepover. She looked back toward the bedroom. Part of tonight was also to show that she was still in control and could follow the ground rules. That had been her plan anyway. Show up to his place. Make him eat her pussy then leave. He gets to enjoy the taste and nothing more. At least not until he asked for more. But no. Her body couldn’t handle that simple job.  

     Curse her weak sex stamina.

     She sighed and tossed her clothes onto the couch then got back into bed with Nick.

     “You’re freezing,” he whispered as he slid his arm under her T-shirt and laid it across her ice cold stomach.

     “That’s cause your apartment is freezing. It’s snowing out.”

     “Yeah, there’s supposed to be a big snow storm today.”


     “Yes ma’am.”

     “So that means you might be stuck with me here a little longer.”

     Nick opened his eyes and looked at her. “You say that like it’s a bad thing?”

     “I don’t want to overstay my welcome is all.”

     “I don’t think you have to worry about that,” Nick said with a smile.

     Michelle smiled back and kissed him. Nick kissed her back then stared at her.

     “What?” She asked.

     “This storm is supposed to be bad.”

     “It’s fine Nick. I can leave.”

     “I think we both should.”

     Michelle raised an eyebrow at him.

     “How would you like to come back to my house with me? We could wait the storm out there.”

     Michelle looked at him in disbelief. What did he just say to her?

     “You have a house?”

     “I do.”

     “And you want to take me there?”

     “I do.”

     Michelle remained silent, her mind racing. This little risqué act of hers tonight just turned serious. But wasn’t that what she’d been hoping for? For Nick to see her as something more. Could this be the opportunity she’d been seeking?

     “There is one condition I should mention.”

     “Which is what?”

     “I’d have to blindfold you.”

     Michelle smirked at him but Nick stared back.

     “Wait, you’re serious?”

     “I am. It’s a security thing. I’m not even supposed to tell you-”

     Michelle kissed him. Long and slow.

     Until they both needed air.

     “Okay,” she said.


     “Yes. I don’t want to go home today.”

     Nick smiled and kissed her.

     Not as long as hers but with more passion.

     More intensity.

     “But,” she breathed into his ear.

     “But what?”

     “It’s really cold out there. Might be safer if we figure out a way to warm me up before leaving,” she teased.

     Nick had already yanked her thong down and off before she could finish her sentence.

     She let out a gasp as two of his fingers pushed inside her and targeted her clit at once. At this point he knew her pussy as well as she did. Waves of pleasure quickly overtook her and Michelle couldn’t help but to moan. It was nice knowing she could be as loud as she wanted without worrying about neighbors. She moaned louder still, shocked at how fast he could get her wet, and not a little but a lot.     

     Michelle spread her thighs open wider and looked up at him, feeling her face glaze over. Nick slipped a third finger into her, all three of them working overtime as they stimulated her clit and weakened her resistance. It didn’t take long as minutes later she clutched the bed sheets and came again, this time soaking his hand.

     “Ahhh!” she yelled as loud as she could.

     Michelle gulped in air while Nick slowly eased back on his strokes before finally coming to a complete stop. He wiped his hand off first on her right thigh then on her left thigh.

     She puckered for a kiss which he was happy to oblige with. She got a dozen of them followed by two dozen all down her neck. She moaned a soft approval.

     “I think you need more warming up,” Nick said staring down at her.

     Before Michelle could respond, he easily rolled her onto her stomach and lifted her T-shirt up and off. He took her arms and placed them behind her back, making her hold her hands together as if she’d been handcuffed.

     His hands moved down her naked back and down to her butt. He moved and Michelle realized he was naked too, his dick resting on her butt crack.

     One thing she had realized from her night with Cooper was how thick Nick really was. Definitely explained why she could climax on him sometimes.

     Michelle tried not to tense as she waited. Even with as wet as she was, there was still discomfort when he went in like this. She was relieved when Nick pushed her legs apart and raised her butt up some.

     He entered her pussy on his second attempt and Michelle gasped.

     “Mmmm,” she purred and relaxed.

     “Oh you’re not getting off that easy,” Nick whispered into her ear and pushed her butt back down then pushed her legs back together as close as they could get. He used his thighs to make her already small butt cheeks get even closer together.

     He started thrusting.

     Michelle moaned. And moaned even more. His rock hard thick dick felt even bigger in this position. She wanted to grab the bed sheets but Nick held her hands pinned behind her, just above her butt. She couldn’t even push her butt back to meet him on the thrusts. He was in complete control of her body and it was only turning her on even more.

     Her moans soon switched to growls as he was done with the nice stuff and was now fucking her hard. His thrusts coming faster and harder each time as he pushed deeper into her pussy. She could feel him fit all of his dick into her with each thrust and she was getting wetter with each one.

     “Yes! Harder!” She said even though she wasn’t sure if she could take much more of the pounding he was given her.

     He finally released her hands then placed his hands on her small hips and somehow drilled her even harder than he had been. Michelle reached up to grab the top of the mattress and stretched out under him. He grabbed her hair and continued a little longer, listening to her cues. She was soaking wet and had to be getting sore. If she hadn’t had another orgasm by now she wasn’t going to from this position.

     Nick slowed his thrusts down before finally pulling out of her, covered in her juices.

     He laid back down next to her, breathing hard, even as Michelle was trying to get her breath back.

     “You did say harder.”

     “That I did,” she managed to get out.

     She moved over toward him, to rest her head on his strong chest.

     “I’m definitely going to need a shower before we leave.”

     “For sure. Do you want a towel?” He asked as he trailed a finger down her butt.

     “No, save it for the shower,” she whispered.

     “Okay. Do you want to get in now?”

     “In a little bit. Just hold me and keep me warm,” Michelle breathed.

     “I can do that,” Nick replied and kissed her forehead before covering them both up with a sheet then a blanket.

     Michelle laid perfectly still on his chest. The sound of his beating heart filling her head.

     She was back to sleep within minutes. 



     *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *


     Nick opened his eyes and reached out for Michelle but she wasn’t there. He sat up at once and looked around, his bedroom was empty.

     How did he not notice her leave? He got up and walked out into the living room in just his boxers. His apartment was warm.

     That was when he saw her in the kitchen. She was over at the stove wearing nothing but an orange jersey. He was treated with a perfect view of her butt cheeks and side boob. He wouldn’t mention that the jersey was one of Bobbi’s, which nothing against Bobbi, but it looked fantastic on Michelle right now.

     She half turned when she sensed movement.

     “Morning,” she said when she saw him.

     “Morning,” he replied and walked up behind her to kiss her on the neck.

     “I hope you don’t mind but I turned the heat on in here. And made us some scrambled eggs for breakfast. And yes I cleaned up before coming out here. Though I expect a more thorough scrub down by you,” she said and kissed him on the lips before shutting off the stove.

     “I see. How long have you been up?”

     “Only half an hour. You seemed to be sleeping so soundly I didn’t want to disturb you.”

     “I was,” Nick said and looked at the clock, it was just after 7am.  

     He looked outside. The snow was still coming down at a good pace. At least 5 inches had already fallen. The storm was starting down in these parts and working its way up toward Maine, so it shouldn’t be too bad back home yet.

     Michelle scrapped the eggs out onto one plate and grabbed two forks.


     “Thank you. We should make sure we head out within an hour though, okay?”

     “Whatever you say. I don’t suppose you have clothes I could wear though? I found this jersey but it won’t get me far in this weather,” she said with a grin.

     “Well it looks fantastic on you.”

     “Thanks,” she said trying not to blush.

     Even after earlier he still looked at her like he couldn’t wait to unwrap her.

     She wasn’t used to that.

     “As a matter of fact I do.”

     “Well aren’t you just the boy scout. Should I worry about who’s this is?”

     “No. But if it’s bothering you, you could always take it off.”

     “Oh really?”

     “Yes really.”

     “I must admit it smells good. Not as good as your T-shirt but close.”

     “I see,” Nick said. Best not to tell Bobbi that, less she gets too excited.

     He took the plate of eggs and set it on the counter before sliding Michelle’s arms out of the jersey.

     It fell to the floor and she stood there naked in his kitchen.

     “Before you do whatever you plan to do, I should warn you I’m still recovering from earlier, so unless you’re trying to put me out of action for the rest of the day, go easy…” Michelle said as she looked him in the eyes, before her gaze slowly drifted downward, to the large bulge in his black boxer briefs.

     Now would be an excellent time to show him her oral skills.

     Before Michelle could do anything though the door to Nick’s apartment opened and a girl of Korean decent walked in singing Back in Black, her ear buds underneath the pink winter hat she wore. She was wearing blue jeans and a tight long sleeve pink t-shirt. And either it was a lot colder outside then they thought or she forgot to put a bra on as her hard nipples poked out of her shirt.

     Nick had already snatched the jersey up off the floor with his foot and handed it to Michelle even as he slid her behind him to help provide her with some cover. 

     The girl set four snow covered grocery bags on the counter and looked up.

     That’s when she saw the two of them standing there.

     Her mouth opened in shock or surprise, Michelle couldn’t tell which.

     “Whaaaat,” she started to say.

     “Hey Brenda.”

     “What are you doing here? Megan said you’d be gone by now,” She finally got out.

     “Yeah, well that didn’t happen, yet.”

     “I can see that,” Brenda said not able to stop her eyes from trailing downward at Nick’s body and then suddenly stopped to cross her arms as she realized her breasts were becoming perkier by the second and she left her coat in the car thinking no one would be here.

     “I need to go. Please don’t tell Megan about this.”

     “I won’t, if you won’t.”

     “Deal,” Brenda called already out the door.

     “Who was that?” Michelle asked.

     “That was Brenda. She’s a former US Army Quartermaster.”

     “Okay, but why was she here?”

     Nick moved over to the grocery bags.

     “My life can be a bit… hectic.”

     Michelle stared at him.

     “Brenda takes care of certain things for me when I’m not around.”

     “I see. Does she often walk around braless?”

     “I’m sure there’s a good reason for that,” he said weakly.

     Michelle continued to stare at him.

     “I’ll understand if you want me to take you home.”

     Michelle took a breath. Nick told her from the beginning that he had a lot of female friends. She didn’t expect them to walk in on her while she was naked in his kitchen but at least it meant she was the one getting his attention.

     “I’m fine. But I hope you plan to bring that bottle of wine with us,” Michelle said when she spotted it in one of the bags.

     “I think that sounds like an excellent idea. It will go good with the fire I’ll make for us.”

     “You have a fireplace in your house?”

     “I do.”

     “And plenty of food?” Michelle asked moving up to him.      Nick nodded.

     “Then why don’t we go take that shower now so we can go.”

     “What about the eggs you made for us?”

     Michelle reached up and kissed him.

     “You can make me breakfast tomorrow morning,” she said then walked toward the bathroom, giving her butt a little wiggle for him while she did.

     “Works for me,” Nick said then quickly put away the stuff Brenda brought.

     Nick looked out the window on the way to the bathroom, the snow still going strong, it was supposed to last until late tonight.

     He knew he’d have some explaining to do later on but right now he didn’t care. He liked Michelle and enjoyed her company. Besides, no one else would be home, so it was the perfect time to bring her.

     After all, what harm could one little sleepover at The Walker Compound do?