Real Name: Bobbi Jordan
AKA: Hot Mess
Cover Job: MMA fighter, kickboxing instructor
Background: Former hitwoman
Specialty: Bounty Hunter.

Trained by her father, one of the best hitman on the East Coast, Bobbi’s dual-welding skills with guns were unmatched. Or at least they used to be. Bobbi has since let her training lapse. Even so, Bobbi is still a considerable threat but tends to do the simple side jobs for the team, instead of working directly with them.








When mercenary Nick Walker botches a simple recovery job, he'll have to decide just how much he's willing to risk to keep those closest to him safe.

Real Name: Mark Sung
AKA: Kay Pop
Cover Job: Slacker and MMA coach.
Background: Former US Army
Specialty: Tactician and strategist

Mark is the team’s strategist and second smartest member after Megan. Despite being considered the laziest member of the team Mark is secretly one of the most skilled. What others see as laziness is really Mark analyzing a situation in order to find the correct solution to the problem. And easiest. 



Real Name: Shane Bradley
AKA: Jersey
Current Alias: Shane Cassidy
Cover Job: MMA fighter
Background: Former US Marine
Specialty: Heavy weapons

The tallest and the strongest, Shane is the ‘tank’ of the team. His bombastic and tough guy attitude tends to annoy the girls on the team the most. Nevertheless, Shane’s skill at using various heavy weapons has helped the team out on several occasions. Like Nick, Shane has also grown too comfortable living under his alias as an MMA fighter and party guy. If there’s a football game or pay-per-view fight to be watched, it’s to be watched at Shane’s place.



Real Name: Carol Finley
AKA: Army Brat
Current Alias: Carol Newell
Cover Job: Manger of Summers Security
Background: Former US Army Karate Instructor, former CIA
Specialty: Hand to hand combat

As the face that runs the place, Carol has an important role in maintaining Red Diamond’s front company, Summers Security. As such she doesn’t go out on many missions with the team. But that doesn’t make her any less dangerous, especially considering she was once CIA black ops.



Real Name: Morgan Ramsey
AKA: Boss
Background: Special Forces (Green Beret)
Specialty: Counter-insurgency, team Captain

Morgan is considered a legend in both the Special Forces and the mercenary community. Trained by the legendary Green Beret, Tony Walker, Morgan serves as the figure head for Red Diamond and leads them in the field. He expects Nick to take over for him in that regard but Nick’s reluctance to do so is beginning to wear thin on him.


Real Name: Unknown
AKA: Jackass
Current Alias: Wade Smith
Background: Super Merc
Specialty: Killing and Cooking.

Not much is known about the mercenary Wade Smith. Mainly because the man lies about everything and everyone. What isn’t a lie is the man’s skill, as he excels in all areas of the mercenary business. Able to fetch top dollar for his services, why Wade signed on with Red Diamond remains a mystery. As does his fondness for collecting the masks of rival mercs as trophies.




Real Name: Sean Bradley
AKA: Boy Scout
Current Alias: Sean Cassidy
Cover Job: MMA trainer and coach
Background: Former US Special Forces (Green Beret)
Specialty: Squad leader, communications

 While not as tall as his brother, Sean is no less a physical specimen, having spent most of his childhood working on the family farm. A naturally charismatic leader, Sean is respected and looked up to by everyone on the team. With Nick’s reluctance to become team leader, Morgan has taken Sean under his wing to train him further.


ONLY $4.99!

Real Name: Clarissa Mendoza
AKA: Juicy
Cover Job: Mechanic
Background: Former US Army Engineer
Specialty: Engineer, mechanic

A mathematical genius that rivals Megan, Clarissa is the adopted sister of Mendoza. She’s responsible for numerous improvements to the team’s gear and the Walker Compound. Despite being a decent marksman, Clarissa spends most of her time in the workshop building Megan’s ideas, instead of out in the field with the team.



     This is a brief overview of Red Diamond's membership and their skills.  They all use the following format.

Real Name: Actual name. 

AKA: What Wade calls them.  (#YoureWelome)

Current Alias: What most people know them by.

Background: What they did before mercenary work.

Specialty: What they bring to the team. 


Real Name: Luis Mendoza
AKA: Mendoza
Cover Job: Mechanic
Background: Former US Marine
Specialty: Mechanic, breacher

With strength that rivals Shane, Mendoza serves as the team’s breacher when out in the field and mechanic outside of jobs. And while his ability with a shotgun is second to none, Mendoza’s true talent is the work he does in the garage. If his sister builds it, he makes sure it stays in perfect working condition.  



Real Name: Julie Taylor
AKA: Pigeon
Current Alias: Julie Madrox
Cover Job: General Manager of Alizarin Night Club
Background: Former US Army Intelligence
Specialty: Intelligence gathering, black market contacts

Julie is the team’s eyes and ears on the streets. With Alizarin catering specifically to those in the mercenary and criminal businesses, Julie has amassed a huge number of contacts within the criminal underworld. Contacts she uses to help further Red Diamond’s goals. Given the nature of Julie’s cover job, she rarely goes on missions with the team and isn’t always able to spend time at the Walker Compound with the team. She’s also the least skilled in fighting on the team but has been training privately with Nick to get better.


Real Name: Megan Cruise.
AKA: Cutie Patootie
Current Alias: Varies. Numerous ones online.
Cover Job: Blogger.
Background: Ex-NSA
Specialty: Computers, hacking, genius.

A savant when it comes to computers, Megan surpassed her genius dad at a young age and hasn’t looked back. She founded Red Diamond shortly after leaving the NSA under mysterious circumstances and has been avoiding captured by the FBI ever since. Besides being one of the best hackers in the world, Megan was personally trained by Nick in Krav Maga. And she’s secretly skilled in offensive driving.


Real Name: Nick Walker
AKA: Youngin
Current Alias: Nick Summers
Cover Job: Personal trainer and bodyguard
Background: Trained from a young age to be a mercenary.
Specialty: Assassination, Close Quarters Combat (CQC)

 A prodigy in the art of killing, Nick’s skills are numerous and deadly. More than anyone else on the team, Nick has fully embraced his alias’s lifestyle. Combined with Nick’s increasing focus on doing solo jobs and less jobs with the team, he’s finding his position as team leader tenuous at best. Something he doesn’t mind which isn’t helping the situation.

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