Thirty-one-year-old Bobbi Jordan could feel his eyes on her. Even after all this time, there was just something about that look he gives. The intensity of his bright blue eyes as he took in her whole body. She leaned forward a bit, her butt sticking out a little higher as she arched her back.             

 It was a Thursday night in August, and the day had been hot, the first of many more to come according to all the meteorologists, and the night was humid as hell.                 

Like one of those classic summer nights where people sat out on their porch, wiping sweat off their forehead, and drinking iced tea while listening to crickets. But they weren’t listening to bugs tonight and the only iced tea being drunk was the hard kind.                                                      

There was plenty of sweat being wiped off though, Bobbi thought as she noticed more beads of sweat forming on her boobs. She definitely wore the wrong bra tonight.                      

Her friend and teammate, Thirty-year-old Nick Walker, had invited her and all the girls out for drinks and some games of ping pong and pool at Tai’s Billiards, a place in Quincy, MA just outside of Boston.                                           

All the guys, except Nick, were still hanging out in Miami from the last job their mercenary team, Red Diamond, had just completed. Nick had flown back home hoping to relax for the weekend, but Megan Cruise, Red Diamond’s co-founder, usually had other jobs in mind for Nick when he thought he was getting time off.                                                               

 But it was looking like it was just him and all the girls for the next few days.                                     

Bobbi grinned. She had some ideas on how to use Nick’s time.                                    So far, only Bobbi, Julie, and Jessica had shown up.   

Jessica ‘Cherry’ Ramirez was secretly on a special Boston Police Department Task Force, and had become good friends with Nick and the girls. They didn’t get to hang out a lot because of their work, but Jessica had just come off a long 18hr shift and needed some time around non-work friends. Not that she had many ‘work friends’ to begin with.                               

Jessica and Julie had been the first ones to arrive and had already played a match of ping pong before Bobbi got there. Bobbi and Julie’s friends, Tara and Jenny, were arriving any minute. They were both bounty hunters who operated out of Las Vegas and had flown out to visit them for the entire weekend.       

Megan, Clarissa, Kat, and Ino had all said they might show up later on depending.                                    

Depending on what Bobbi didn’t know.                       

The only thing Bobbi knew for sure was that Carol would not show up. Carol never went to girl’s night outs.           

Bobbi blew up at a piece of her sweaty, dirty blonde hair that had fallen down. Even with the ceiling fans going above them, Bobbi could feel sweat form along her lower back. She figured she was ten minutes away from regretting her decision to not put on fresh deodorant before going out tonight.        

Nick, on the other hand, was looking cool as could be, though he did say he was already on his third shower.             

Why would he need three showers? Bobbi thought as she took her time readying her shot. The scorpion bowl Bobbi and Julie shared as soon as she walked into here was still on her lips.

“If you go any lower, your boobs will be smacking the table,” he whispered into her ear just as she took her shot and nicked the pool table with her pool stick.
Bobbi stood up straight and swayed a step to her right. “Doesn’t count, you distracted me.”                                       

“The only thing distracting here is your outfit! Pull up those shorts, cause crack is whack,” Jessica hollered from the bar and started laughing.                                  Bobbi turned and stuck her tongue out at her before grabbing the black leather shorts she had on and started to pull them up.                                                    

“Hold on,” Nick said, making Bobbi pause mid pull. “Are you wearing yellow panties?”        

Julie laughed before taking a sip of her beer.             

“Why is that funny?” Bobbi asked and finished pulling up her shorts, and inadvertently gave herself a wedgie in the process.                                                          This humidity was killing her.                      

“You’re a bumblebee,” Julie said, laughing and pointing at the short black tank top that showed off Bobbi’s midriff. 

“Shut up,” Bobbi said, and turned back to the pool table. “What’s wrong with yellow, anyway?”                       

“Your bra is orange. You don’t match,” Nick said, pointing at her fully visible orange bra straps.                      

“Listen, you’re lucky I’m even still wearing one. This humidity is making my girls sweat something fierce.”         

“Says the girl wearing black leather shorts,” Julie said.   

“I thought it would be cooler once it got dark out. Besides, you’re not matching either.”                           

“You don’t know that,” Julie said with a grin.       

“Umm, we can see your black bra straps missy, and you’re wearing white shorts, so that means you having boring white underwear on, probably cotton too,” Bobbi said and took a drink of her third beer.
“What. No way,” Julie replied and fixed the pink tank top she wore. It was similar to Bobbi’s but gave her girls more of a ‘lift’. While she wasn’t sweating as bad as Bobbi, Julie was certainly feeling the effects of tonight’s humidity.          

“I can’t imagine any of you wearing cotton,” Nick said, laughing.                       

“Prove it then,” Bobbi said.                             


“Show us what you’re wearing.”                    

Julie stood up from the stool she’d been sitting on off to the side watching them play and finished her first beer. 


“Okay, it’s fine, Julie. You’re embarrassed cause you’re wearing granny panties,” Bobbi teased.                               

“I am not. I’m trying to save you from being wrong,” Julie said, getting closer to her.                                    

“Ha. As if.”                                          

“Fine, if Nick makes this next shot, you can check for yourself.”                                    “Deal.”                                                    

They both turned at the same time to look at him.       

“Umm,” he started to say, but stopped when he saw the look on Julie’s face.                                               

He looked at the pool table, found the easiest shot, and made it no problem.       

“Ha,” Bobbi cheered. “Show us what you got.”                 

“Fine,” Julie said with an exaggerated sigh, while Nick tried not to laugh.                                   

She turned her butt to Bobbi and undid the belt on her white shorts and was about to lower them a little when Bobbi yanked them all the way down to reveal a pink thong.
“Ohhh mama!” Bobbi whooped and slapped Julie’s ass.     Twice.                                               

 “Hey, I said a peek,” Julie said and gave her butt a wiggle.  Bobbi planted a kiss on each cheek then said, “Okay, I approve.”                                                

 Julie laughed and bent down to get her shorts, giving Bobbi a not too unfamiliar view.                                

Bobbi licked her lips.                            

“Woah, what’s going on over here?” Jenny asked, walking over to them just as Julie finished pulling up her shorts.   

Jenny Longfinger was the third member of Tara Duncan’s bounty hunting team. She was the driver of the team, and a damn good one at that. Her father had been a legendary ‘Wheelman’ out on the West Coast and had taught his daughter everything he knew before his mysterious disappearance awhile back.         

“Julie lost a bet,” Bobbi said while trying to get more out of her empty beer bottle.                                   

 “Did she though?” Nick asked.                  

 Bobbi nodded at him and said, “Okay, Jenny, your turn. Show us what you got under those jean shorts,” Bobbi said, taking in the view of Jenny.                    

She had a black cami on that showed more of her naval, which was even slimmer than both Bobbi and Julie’s. Her dirty blonde hair was looking way better than either of theirs. And her tanned skin was glowing. Jenny was looking damn sexy.  


“Cause Nick’s teasing us that we don’t match.”      

“He’s teasing you, bumblebee,” Julie corrected. “And we already know she doesn’t match.”                           

“I just walked in here. How could you possibly know that?” Jenny asked.
“Oh, I know. You don’t put that much thought into it,” Julie replied.                                   

“How do you figure that?”                        

“Because you only match if you’re hoping to get some,” Bobbi said with a slur.                                 

“Well, I do match and I’m not trying to get some, so there.”                                  

“Prove it then,” Bobbi said.                        


 “Why not?”                                       

 “Because, there’s nothing in it for me.”               

 “You can join in on my bet with Nick,” Bobbi said. 

“What’s your bet?”                                         

“I win, I take him home. He wins, he takes me home,” Bobbi said with a wink.      

 “How does…” Jenny started, looking at Nick, who’s eyes had on been on the three TVs behind the bar. Breaking news was flashing across it.                             

Something about a bus crash and mental patients were on the loose now.                                         

“The scorpion bowls here are amazing,” Nick said as he looked at Jenny.                                             

“I guess so. I don’t even have a beer yet.”               

“I’ll get you one if you take the bet.”                 

“But there’s no bet yet.”                             

“Good enough. Be right back,” Bobbi said, and wandered over to the bar.          “She’s serious, isn’t she?” Jenny asked.    

 “Oh yeah,” Nick said and took a sip of his Pepsi, then looked at it. All the ice had already melted, and it was still 75% full.
He called after to Bobbi and held up his glass to her. She gave him a thumbs up.                                      

“So, I should just go along with this then, huh?”     

“You don’t have to show us Jenny,” Nick said.   

“Why, you don’t want to see if I match? Or are you scared that I’ll beat you,” Jenny said, picking up a pool stick.     

Nick grinned.                     

“That sounds like a challenge.”          

“Oh, it sure is, mister. And when I win, Bobbi has to help Tara and I on our case,” Jenny said, getting up next to Nick.  

She’d heard how all the girls said how good he always smelled, but damn did he smell good. She felt a jolt shoot through her and she backed up slowly from him.          

“Where is Tara anyway?” Julie asked, finishing her beer and sitting back on her stool.                           

As much as she loved her job as General Manager of the nightclub Alizarin, she really enjoyed the random nights where she could goof off with Nick and Bobbi and it not be weird or awkward for anyone.                            

“She’s back at the apartment, which, thank you for letting us stay there,” Jenny said, looking at Nick.                      

 “Of course, that’s what they’re there for. For our friends.”                        

Jenny smiled and said, “She’s unpacking while waiting for a call.”                   

“Who are you guys tracking?”                     

“I don’t know, some guy. He was an MMA fighter.”    

“Was?” Nick asked, while racking the balls.                

“He lost a big fight last week. Now he owes people money.”
“So he’s not on the run from the law?” Julie asked, then looked over at the bar to see what was taking Bobbi so long with the drinks.                                

She was standing there talking to Jessica.            

“No, but twenty grand plus expenses to bring him back is enough for me to get Tara to follow me out here for a few days.”      

“Wait, this is your gig, not Tara’s?” Nick asked.  

“Technically, but she’s fine with it. Since it’s a private bounty.”                               

Nick said nothing. Megan had been talking to him recently about how private bounties were on the rise. With police departments getting their funding slashed all across the country for ‘reasons’, crime was rising everywhere and private security was on the rise to match it, especially for the wealthy that could afford it.                   But those wealthy clients could also afford to do the opposite. If someone wronged them and they couldn’t get the local law enforcement to enforce the laws, they were putting out legit bounties on those criminals and hiring bounty hunters to track them down.                                     

 Nick didn’t need Megan to tell him that this whole thing was going to take a turn for the worse sooner than later.  

“We’re still good for the beach tomorrow, right?” Jenny asked.                                   “Yeah, I cleared my day,” Julie replied.    


“Hold on, how are you going to enjoy the beach if you’re tracking a guy down?” Nick asked and handed the white ball to Jenny.                                            

“All we need is his location, then grab him when we’re ready to move.”             

“What if he moves before you do?”
“Then we look again and get to spend more time hanging out with our friends,” Jenny said, and winked at him.      

Nick laughed and nodded, finally understanding.   

Private bounties were a funny thing.                   

“Well, ladies first,” he said, and stepped back from the pool table.                         

“Oh, there’s nothing lady like about my pool game sweetie,” Jenny said and lined up her shot.                      

Five balls went in off her break.      

“Very nice,” Nick said, clapping.                           

Jenny smiled and went to work. Nick never got a turn.    

“Holy shit… I mean crap,” Julie said.                   

Nick laughed again. Trying to keep all these women PG-13 tonight was not going to happen.                         

“Told you I was good.”                     

“That you did,” Nick said, and put his pool stick down on the table. Jenny did too.                        

“Well, a deal’s a deal,” she said and unbuttoned her jean shorts.                                “Huh?” Julie asked.                       

“The bet was if I win, I show Nick I match and Bobbi has to help Tara and I,” Jenny said and zipped her fly down.      

Before Nick or Julie could say anything else, Jenny opened her jeans up and revealed a pair of red lacy panties.         

“I match,” she said, pointing to her very visible red bra straps.                                         

Apparently, visible bra straps were the name of the game tonight.                          

Julie looked at Nick, who shook his head.        

“Nope,” he said.                        

“Yeah, not so fast, missy,” Julie added.      

“Those are lace panties and that’s a satin bra,” Nick said, touching Jenny’s bra strap.                               

“I thought we were talking about color only?”     

Nick shook his head and said, “A common misconception when the topic of matching comes up.”                      

“Does it often?” Jenny asked, laughing as she zipped her shorts back up.        

“You’d be surprised with Bobbi and her,” Nick said, pointing at Julie as he walked by her.               

“Hey! You started all this perve,” Julie said, slapping Nick’s ass.                      

“Did I really though? And you realize if I went to the beach with you girls tomorrow, I’d be seeing you in a lot less than that, right? Plus, I’ve seen you naked, so it’s all moot, anyway.” Nick said, looking at Julie.                          

“You haven’t seen me naked,” Jenny said confidently.    

“Is that an invitation?” Nick asked, turning to face her.   

His blue eyes locked onto her and she could feel herself blush under his gaze.                        

“What, no… maybe,” she stuttered and looked away from those penetrating eyes of his.                                

“Alright, what I miss?” Bobbi hollered, walking back with three beers and a Pepsi.                                   

“Bout time,” Jenny said, and gulped hers down, trying to overcome her sudden bout of bashfulness                      

“She doesn’t match,” Nick said, taking his Pepsi.    

“How do you figure? It’s still red and red.”          

“It’s close, but it has to be part of the same set.”  

“Then you’re talking about lingerie.”

“Wait, you’re wearing red? I wanna see,” Bobbi said, her speech becoming more slurred.                         

“Sorry, you missed your chance,” Julie said before Jenny could reply.                                                  

“If you’re wearing lingerie, then you’re definitely looking for action,” Jenny said.                                         

“Not always. Sometimes I just want to look nice when going to the supermarket,” Bobbi said.                          

“When do you go to the supermarket?” Julie asked.    

 “I’ve been going more lately,” Bobbi replied.         

“Hold up, you’re the one who said if you match you wanted the D to begin with.”                                   

“I did?” Bobbi asked, confused.              

“Yes,” Jenny and Julie said together.        

 “Well, sometimes I like to wear my lingerie a month featured item. And sometimes a girl wants the V,” Bobbi replied and stuck her tongue out, then took a sip of her beer.        

“I’m not drunk enough for that. Yet,” Jenny added.    

Bobbi choked on her beer and stared at Jenny, who raised an eyebrow.                

“Get me another beer,” she said.            

Bobbi went back to the bar, trying to control all the sudden thoughts and visuals in her head about Jenny.  

“Are we having fun yet?” Nick joked before taking a long drink of his iced cold Pepsi.                              

He set up another game of pool. This time for fun.      

He handed the pool stick to Jenny, her soft hand wrapping around his.    

“Just a lil bit,” she said with a sly smile, her eyes looking him over. Man, did he smell amazing.

“I guess we’ll have to try a lil harder than,” he replied and let go of the pool stick.                                

Jenny grinned, then took a shot. Three balls went in off her break.                     “What’s this? Someone’s losing their edge already,” Nick teased and walked over to Julie and gave her shoulders a quick massage. Julie purred her approval. If Nick wasn’t bothered by her sweaty skin, then neither was she.                            

“As if,” Jenny replied and for her next shot, sent two balls into opposite pockets.”                     

“I will say, you guys are definitely a different breed than hanging out with Leslie.”                           

“She’s like Carol but older,” Julie whispered behind her hand to Nick.                          “I see.”                                         

“Where is Carol?”                                       

“She was busy,” Julie said.                           

“She coming to the beach with us tomorrow?”        

“Ha!” Bobbi said, walking back with a beer. She and Julie both started laughing.                                

“I take that as a no,” Jenny said, and took her beer.      

“Oh yeah,” Bobbi said. “But enough about her. What are you wearing to the beach tomorrow?” Bobbi asked, sliding up next to her on the pool table.                     

 “I don’t know, what should I wear tomorrow, Bobbi?” Jenny asked, and put the pool stick down.            

 “Something that shows off this fine ass of yours. Damn, girl,” Bobbi said as she grabbed a handful of Jenny’s tight ass. 

“I never miss squat day,” she chuckled.             

“I’d say so. Nick, come check this out,” Bobbi said, her hand still holding Jenny’s left butt cheek.
“I think it’s time we cut you off,” he said, walking over to her.                                          

“But it’s still early,” Bobbi whined. “Besides, Jenny knows she’s in a safe space, right girl,” Bobbi added and stretched out her arms.                                                   “Are you trying to grab my boob now?” Jenny asked, watching Bobbi’s hand move toward her chest.                      

“What? No,” Bobbi said and chugged her beer.     

Julie grinned from her stool and took a sip of her beer.   

“Oh, do you guys want to see the tattoo I got today?” Bobbi asked all excitedly, wiping her mouth and flicking beer residue away as she changed the subject.   

“You got a tattoo?” Nick asked curiously.     

“Yep. I got a tattoo of a mouse.”                  

 Bobbi put her beer down and pulled her shorts out to look down at her yellow panties.                             

 “Oh no, it’s gone. I guess my pussy ate it,” Bobbi said and snorted and let her shorts snap back, then almost fell over but caught herself.                                            

Julie started laughing, and Jenny tried hard not to.     

Nick stared at her.                                  

“One more beer and that’s it. So you better nurse it.”  

“Ohhh, I can be your nurse, doctor,” Bobbi said and moved up to him. “And I think I see two patients that require a complete and thorough checkup.”                              Bobbi wrapped her arm around Nick’s waist and looked back at Julie and Jenny, who in turned looked at each other then back at them.                                                         “Who us?”                                                  

“Oh yeah,” Bobbi said, starring them down, then wiped the drool from her mouth.
“Umm, if anyone’s being the nurse here, it would be me having to check on the two drunk blondes, B and J before the doctor came.”                                              “BJ!”                                                

  Bobbi and Julie busted out laughing.          

“And just how thorough would this checkup be, nurse?” Bobbi asked, moving back over to her once she stopped laughing.   

“Depends on my mood,” Jenny said, and sipped her beer. “And on how thorough the doctor needed me to be.”              

They all looked at Nick, who was texting on his phone. 

“Dude! Don’t be that guy,” Bobbi said.            

“Sorry nurse, the doctor has to postpone this checkup, just got called into surgery,” Nick said, walking away.     

“What?” Bobbi exclaimed and followed him, wrapping her arms around his neck.                                      

“Dude, I’m trying to use you to get a foursome,” she whispered into his ear.                 “Oh, I’m well aware of that,” Nick whispered back. “I thought Jenny was only into the husband type of company.”  

“She’s been divorced three times. So maybe she’s mixing it up. And if she wants to take a trip to the bakery tonight, then I’m inclined to help her along that journey.”           

“I’m not stopping you.”                      

“Well, sometimes some cinnamon roll before apple pie helps one’s appetite,” Bobbi said with pleading eyes.            

Nick laughed and kissed her on the forehead.    

“Next time for sure.”                      

“Next time, you won’t have six different holes to pick from. Seven, if you save me for last.”             

 “How horny are you?” Nick whispered.
“So fucking horny. And if you don’t like my potty mouth maybe you should do something about it.” Bobbi purred and bit his earlobe.                                                     “Any other time, Bobbi, but I gotta go. This is important.”

“More important than hot sweaty sex with three willing and able dirty blondes?”         “Yes.”                                  

Bobbi sighed.                                

“Fine, your loss,” she said and turned from him, being sure to grind her ass against him for a few seconds before sitting back down on a stool next to Julie.                   

“Bye ladies, see you tomorrow I’m sure.”           

“Bye Nick,” Julie and Jenny both said and waved. 

  Bobbi sat on her stool and pouted while she watched Nick talk to Jessica and then the bartender, Tia, for a minute. Once he left, she stood up.                                        “Technically, now that he’s gone, he won’t know if I have more than one beer, right?”                             

 “You’re not going to be too hung over to enjoy beach day, right?” Jenny asked.         

 “Noooo…,” Bobbi said and grinned.            

 “Good, cause I want to ask you guys something.”      

 “The answer’s yes, we’re down for anything,” Bobbi said, licking her lips.                                            

“You need to stop,” Julie said.               

“I need my beer,” Bobbi said, and went back to the bar.     

Julie looked over at Tia and gave her the signal. She gave a thumbs up in return.                                   

“Sorry. Drunk and horny Bobbi can be a bit much.”       

“Wait, she’s horny? I had no idea,” Jenny said, and they both laughed.                     Julie put her beer down and stood up to grab a pool stick.

“What did you want to ask?”                   

 Jenny stared at Julie.                                  

 “I’m good. Bobbi has been sneaking shots every time she goes up there.”                                     

“Ohhh, that makes so much sense.”           

“Right, though that scorpion bowl when we first got here was amazing.”                                              

  Julie took a shot and got one ball to go in. Jenny then took a shot and got two to go in.                               

“My ex-husband-”                             

“Which one?” Julie interrupted. “Sorry.”             

“The first one. He has this house sitting thing coming up, a private house on a private beach sort of thing. Wants me to cover for him. I was thinking about a girl’s weekend. Lots of fun, maybe get a little dirty…”                  

“If we’re bringing Bobbi, then you know things will definitely turn dirty.”                                      

“Oh, I can see that clearly now. And I don’t think I’d mind if they do.”                            Julie took a shot and missed.                

Jenny took hers and didn’t.                     

“Is this a new road we’re on?”              

“More like an exit to find the rest stop.”       

Julie grinned. “Well, okay then. I’m down.”         


“We’ll tell Bobbi tomorrow though.”               

They looked over at the bar to see Bobbi with her head down on the counter.           “Agreed,” Jenny said.                              

They both laughed.                                      

“Another beer or shots?” Julie asked.       

“Shots,” Jenny replied with a smile.
“Excellent. I’ll introduce you to Jessica too.”         

“So many J’s. How does Nick keep you girls all straight?”  

“His special talent, but don’t worry, by the time you fly back to Vegas, there won’t be anything straight about you anymore,” Julie teased and slapped her butt.              

“Promises, promises,” Jenny replied, and they both busted out laughing again just as they got to the bar.                 

It was going to be a fun night for sure.




HSN (Hot Summer Night)

​A Merc Series Short Story

(Rated M For Mature)

The Merc Series