The Merc Series

The year is 2016. America stands at a crossroads. For the first time in modern history there is a third party system in Washington DC. The coming election will determine the direction the country heads in for years to come. Not that the average American citizen is aware of this. Faith in the government has reached an all time low and most have simply chosen to checkout. With the advent of holographic technology it’s now easier then ever to disconnect from the problems of the world and live in your own fantasy bubble.

Unfortunately for America, the rest of the world isn’t waiting for her to get her act together.

As Europe struggles to avoid an economic collapse, they are helpless to stop Russia as it begins the process of annexing it’s neighbors in order to give birth to a ‘New Russia’. Iran is closer than ever to becoming a nuclear power even as it’s proxies work to establish an Islamic Caliphate in the Middle East in the hopes of ushering in the return of their ‘Promised One’.

Israel stands ready to defend herself, alone if need be, against all that would seek to eradicate the Jewish people. China prepares to become the world’s next Superpower, with the complete control of the Pacific as it’s first goal. Japan responds by removing all restrictions on it’s military.

A charismatic younger leader has risen to power in North Korea promising to bring about a United Korea for the greater good of the Korean people. His confidence in this vision troubles many.

Drug Cartels control most of Mexico and are now expanding north across America’s still unsecured southern border. Somalia is ruled by a council of pirates, their ships roaming unchecked throughout the region, the United States Navy stretched too thin to protect everyone that cries out for help.

With America unable or unwilling to act as the world’s police force any more, a window was open for private corporations to fill that void. Large private armies of mercenaries, guided more by interests than principles, sprung up almost overnight ready to offer their services to anyone, country or group, willing to pay their price. Arms sales are at an all time high as the world prepares for war. A war the likes this current generation has never seen.

As with any type of conflict, there are those hiding just on the outskirts seeking to use the coming chaos for their own goals. Some just want the world to limp along until we can reach The Point Of Singularity. Others see this as their opportunity to bring about a global change in which only a few hold all the power.

This is the world of The Merc Series.

This is the world that Red Diamond lives in.

This is the world mercenary Nick Walker will protect his family and friends from.

No matter what.

"Muniens Ea Diligamus."

"Protecting Those We Love."